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Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2022

OVERPOPULATION - The Story Behind the Art


When submitting art for this year's RA Summer Exhibitions, Tyson took a small piece of note paper on his desk that he had previously jotted down four handwritten words related to his research. While contemplating this year’s RA brief of CLIMATE and the four words he had written, he realised this could be the beginnings of a new art piece for submission to this year's exhibition. Firstly, ‘777’ (Boeing 777) represents the jet aircraft industry and the related problems with pollution, fuel use and the constant demands by the population for more travel and how this is damaging to our climate. Secondly, the two phrases ‘CMV’ (Cytomegalovirus); and ‘virus’ are very pertinent to the pandemic and how overpopulation and travel have been integral components in driving the pandemic rapidly around the world. Lastly, ‘29th of June’ was a date that he had written but could not remember the original reason for this. However, realising that the work would be exhibited in June Tyson thought and hoped this work was destined for the exhibition. With these ideas and thoughts, Tyson set about creating visual representations to restrict and compartmentalise both the population and the virus outbreak with geometric shapes. His need to create order where there is chaos in the context of overpopulation and viral infections, collide in the azure blue and minimal blacks of the work.


The final transformation: - Once completed on a miniature scale (the size of an envelope, see Big Things Page) the work, like many of his pieces, was then scanned, graphically enhanced/tweaked and enlarged for silk screen printing in two colours on paper. This work and Limited Editions are now for sale via the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition web page HERE. 

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