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Scanned Documents-1_edited.png

Big Things Have Small Beginnings

Big things have small beginnings’….from Lawrence of Arabia, the motion picture about the life of T.E. Lawrence. 


Tysons’ Art begins as miniature works embedded in, or drawn/sketched on top of, scientific notes, to do lists, research papers, data and literature etc.  Often the works, text or data infiltrates his subconscious which drive the works forward until they take on a life of their own; transcending the initial idea and becoming more, evolving. These initial ‘miniatures'' are a key first step in the developmental process  of his vision for the final pieces for exhibition and the client. The small versions of this work are then translated into a larger size on different types of medium such as silk screen prints. Many examples of Tyson’s work start off as sketches that are drafted on Post-it Notes! Through the process of digital scanning, image adjustment and enlarging the work, transforms further and develops additional unpredicted variables and characteristics, yet still retaining the initial idea and key visual aspects. However, through this transformative process, collecting many more unpredicted and unimaginable elements, he achieves his final work. Many of Tyson’s planned projects require making such SMALL ideas BIG …thus explaining the quote that he considered best describe his Art and also one of his favourite movies from Director David Lean.

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