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About the Artist and Scientist


Tyson Valentine Sharp was born on the 14th of February in the Midlands, UK. With Greek heritage he grew up in a lively, gregarious, supportive and VERY fun-loving family, all of which are reflected in his personality and key to fuelling his drive and passion for both art and science. His families’ strong values, especially toward hard work and intellectual betterment, encouraged Tyson into a career in academia. This choice was a challenging direction as he has severe dyslexia but obtained a place at the University of Essex to study for a Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc Hons) in Molecular Biology and then went on to complete a PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Virology at St. George’s Hospital Medical School, University of London. After working as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Netherlands and as a molecular virologist in the USA, Tyson is now researching cancer biology as a Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology at the Bart’s Cancer Institute, Queen Mary University; which is part of the Cancer Research UK City of London Major Centre.


Of course, Tyson has always created abstract art for personal fulfilment thought-out his scientific career…..


Art Work Statement: Art meets Science

As a self-taught Abstract Artist Tyson has combined his artwork, art ideas, sketches, and plans for larger art projects and pieces (see Commissions), alongside his scientific research. Much of his work as an artist is intimately linked to his virus and cancer research, the literature, the grant applications and the scientific papers he writes. His works are semi-subconscious Wu Wei-like meditations in primary colours, and geometric shapes that fight for conformity on the page against the complexity, heterogeneity and chaos of cancer biology. Often, his frustrations at our lack of understanding of cancer biology, human health and the human condition drive his geometric work in a palette that is heavily based on primary colours. 


Time to show the world what I’ve been up to…

Until recently Tyson’s work has remained a very private endeavour for his own personal enjoyment and also for his family and close friends to appreciate. With a significant back catalogue/collection of artwork, plans, projects, sketches and drafts of art; Tyson now has started to produce and exhibit his works for the public to view and purchase. He has also started taking commissions as an important part of his art practice. He is keen to work with passionate clients that share his true vision for the scale and complexity of his work and how it can become a reality for all to enjoy.


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